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Where Do Black Christians Meet

Meeting Black Christians Made Easy

We are in the midst of one of the most thriving technological societies in human history. You have so many avenues available to you - even before you change out of your PJ's.

The saying goes 'With great power comes great responsibility', isn't that right?

Well, finding places to meet black Christians is a very powerful task that deserves a great deal of responsibility.

Let's take a look at ideal locations for you to run into that Christian soul mate you are on the hunt for!

1. Church

If this isn't the most obvious of your options, then nothing is.

TIP: Although you should be completely focused on worship, you can use the time after services to 'meet-&-greet' with fellow members of your church. 

Church Conversational Hints
  • How long have you been a member of our church?
  • Do you have a Christian author lists that you would recommend?
  • Have you recently done any Christian charity jobs in the area?
2. Bookstore

People that are at bookstores are more often than not intellectual individuals.

TIP: Start by roaming the Spiritual section of the bookstore. Then venture into other areas of the store where the books interests you.

Bookstore Conversational Hints
  • Have you found any books with great daily prayers?
  • Who is your have a favorite Christian author?
  • Can you suggest any inspirational Christian movies?

3. Mall | Department Store

It can be very rewarding yet slightly challenging to approach people in this setting.

TIP: Look for the individuals when you are shopping at small stores. Use the products available as a way to initiate conversations.

Mall Conversational Hints
  • Have you bought any products from this store that you really liked?
  • Do you know of a good Christian store in this area?
  • Your [choose an article] (necklaces, bracelet, chain, watch) is very nice, where did you get it?

4. Online

There are several Christian dating websites online but be cautious.

TIP: It should always be FREE to sign up on a dating site - don't be scammed.

#1 Christian Cafe

  • They are experienced, not fly-by-night and have been helping black Christians meet online now since the late 90's - and it's obvious!
  • Good Part - They are actually Christian owned which creates legitimacy among the Christian community.
  • Best Part - Christian Cafe allows members to try their respected service with a free trial! Win-Win, right?! 

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